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What to do in Hawaii in two weeks

As a native let me tell you What to do in Hawaii in Two Weeks. If this is your first trip to the Hawaiian Islands your Hawaii attractions should start from Oahu, then Maui, the Big Island, and Kauai. You could squeeze in three islands if you have about 14 days to spend in the islands. If you have downloaded and reviewed the e-book I suggested you review earlier you probably have highlighted all of the attractions you want to see based on your budget.

If you did not before you go to your agent and start planning your trip I invite you to download and read my free ebook “25 Must See Attractions in Hawaii Local inside Knowledge to The Best Attractions” by completing the boxes to the upper right corner of this page and downloading.

Island Tours are Fun

Obama's Hang Out

Obama’s Hang Out

Take in an island tour as well as a nature tour to learn about the

Obama Vacation

Obama Vacation

attractions the islands offer and the flora and fauna and the wildlife of the islands. You will be able to see President Obama’s hangout while he lived in the Islands in his early years.

Have a shave ice more commonly known as snow comes sold in his home town while you’re here.

On your island tour, you will see some of the best beaches in the world and don’t forget to stop at the Polynesian Cultural Center on the windward side of Oahu and take that tour.

Visit Iolani Palace which was the throne of King Kamehameha and also known as the headquarters for the movie Hawaii Five 0. Visit the Punch Bowl Lookout for a panoramic view of the City of Honolulu and the Nuuanu Pali Lookout for a panoramic view of the windward side.

Things to do on Kauai

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands and is called the “Garden Isle.” This is the island where Hollywood comes when the script calls for “paradise.” Blue Hawaii which starred Elvis Presley was filmed in Kauai at the Coco Palms Resort. The site was destroyed by a hurricane and it had to close in 1992.

Waimea Canyon 1

Waimea Canyon 2

When on Kauai go to the Waimea Canyon Lookout and witness the majestic view. Check with the Ranger’s office first to be sure there is no fog.

Do not forget to visit the legendary menehune fishponds built by Hawaiian leprechauns.

On a more solemn note, go up the Wailua River and visit the Fern Grotto. If you’re planning to redo your vows do it here before you go home. Be sure you bring along a priest or there may be one available at the Fern Grotto.

Here is a Trivia

Did you know that the wettest spot on this planet is Mt Waialeale in Kauai with 472 inches of rainfall a year. That is not bad. It is only 1-1/3″ of rain per day.

Things to do on Oahu

Ono Pig

Ono Pig From Imu

When visiting the islands don’t miss going to a luauยน . Perhaps, the most entertaining luau would be attending one on Oahu. However, what is more, important is not the entertainment but the feast. Therefore, if you can make it attend one on the other islands where it is not as crowded.

Before you go to the Bishop Museum be sure you read the chronological history in the tour e-book mentioned earlier in Aloha Malihini to Hawaii. It provides a snapshot of Hawaiian history from 500 BC to 1993. It is about three pages long and easy reading. You will appreciate Hawaiian history if you follow this advice.

There is a fish sanctuary at Hanauma Bay. You should not miss this attraction especially if you have children with you because they can wade into the ocean with you and they can feed the fishes about as large as them.

Things to do on Maui

The Plantation Course at the Kapalua Resort is where the PGA Hyundai Tournament of

Iao Needle

Iao Needle

Champions is played in January each year until January 2015. If you love to golf championship style, book your vacation one week after the tournament. Visit the Iao Needle who represents the lover tuned to stone by his fiancee’s father because she committed to see him much to his objections so she as well as all visitors can see him.

Visit Dole Pineapple Cannery

There is one attraction the e-book did not mention. It is the visit to the Dole Pineapple Cannery. I mentioned this attraction because; perhaps, you have never eaten fresh pineapple you will love. As part of the tour in the Cannery, they will serve you pineapple with a flavor that you never had before and it is free. The big Dole pineapple you see sitting on top is a water reservoir for fire protection.

Home of the Sony Open

If you are on a golfing resort make a reservation at Waialae Country Club the home of the Sony Open. This tournament was formally known as the Hawaiian Open. Ted “Chico” Makalena was the first local professional golfer to win this Tournament.

Water Sports

Body Surfer

Body Surfer

If you elect to go ocean swimming, body surfing, surfing, or learn surfing, Waikiki or Kuhio Beach is the place to go. If you plan to do advanced swimming or surfing be sure you know how to handle the waves because they are treacherous. Sunset Beach and the Pipeline are for swimmers who can handle themselves. There is a whole lot of difference between a 5 foot wave and a 15 foot wave. Even a 5 foot wave would churn you like a fruit in a food blender and disorient you.


Visit a Live Piranha


The Waikiki Aquarium is perhaps the only place where a live piranha lives in captivity. I remember when he was imported it was on the condition that he spend his life in solidarity. That fish is not allowed a companion. Can you imagine how lonely he is.

Things to do on the Big Island

While on the Big Island there is nightlife, arts and cultural activities. You could attend a hula festival, art society, concert society, Volcano Art Center, a tsunami museum or bars and music clubs.



The islands are noted for their anthuriums and vanda orchids. Visit a farm while you are on the Big Islands and take some home to show your friends the plants of the islands.

The Big Island is also noted for it’s Kona coffee and the only vanilla farm in the United

Tikis at City of Refuge

Tikis at City of Refuge

States. Go and visit the farms and bring some home for you and your friends.

Also, on the Big Island is the City of Refuge. This institution has an interesting story. Visit the City to learn the story.

Waterfalls and Precautions

Every island has its waterfalls and some go up to 20 feet high and some go up over 400 feet high. However the case may be, you are warned of the disease leptospirosis where



the bacteria is waterborne so be careful.

This disease is not leprosy. Leprosy is another disease where patients were quarantined to a colony in Molokai. Today, patients are no longer quarantined. The banning of patients have been rescinded by the United States government.

If l leptospirosis is a disease I should have gotten it a 100 times or more including all who were associated with me while growing up in Hawaii. None of us contacted the disease and we were not careful at all because we did not know better. In any event, a word to the wise should be sufficient.

Here’s a Trivia

Southern Most Point

Southern Most Point

Did you know that the southern most point in the entire United States is not Miami but Ka Lae on the Big Island.



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