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If you are going to plan your vacation to Hawaii and this is your first trip plan on a three island hawaiian vacation package. Your Hawaii vacation should start on Oahu and it should include Hawaii, and Maui  and preferably in this order.

Your second trip could be your favorite islands and those you missed on your first trip. Be sure to visit those islands you missed on your first visit because each island has its own unique attractions.
For example, you don’t want to miss the ponds built by the menehunes¹ or hear about the wettest spot on this earth on the island of Kauai.
Hereafter, the Island of Hawaii will be called the Big Island as referred to by the kamaainas.¹

Hawaii Vacation Package Deal

As a bonus the author Is offering three other books titled “Insider Secrets To Cheap Car Rentals”, “Insider Secrets to Cheap Hotel Reservations” and “Guide to Airport Security.” The latter is for you to use as a guide to have a safe trip and suggests what you should bring and what you should leave at home. The last three bonuses are all free. These books should give you a head start in planning your trip.

The knowledge from the above e-books should be helpful to you before you make commitments for the accommodations for your trip. In particular, it would be helpful in negotiations for lodging, car-rental and flights. There are upscale and budget accommodations you will have the opportunity to decide upon and the references could be helpful in reducing your costs whether it’s upscale, in the middle or on the budget end.

Forgotten Deals

If you have started from the beginning of this website and gotten to this point you will know how and where to look for to get most of your deals, discounts, coupons, promotional codes and reward points. Remember not to forget to also ask for deals from AAA, AARP, your credit union, your professional societies, your trade unions, and government, military and senior’s discounts.

Suggestions For You

The four e-books mentioned in the Home page covers the topics of geography, climate, car rental, restaurants, family attractions, state and county parks, state beaches, nightlife attractions, and special days for each major island. Among the potpourri of selections if you are undecided I would suggest to you to get my free e book by clicking the link in the upper right hand corner of this page. If you do not have the time and wish to immediately continue, then do the following:
• go Hilton if you have small children
• go Hawaiian Airlines because they will give you the best deal
• go with Hawaii Car Rental because of good experiences.

The extra curricular things I would suggest to you if you are seeking adventure would be to include the following activities:
• snorkeling
• surfing
• hiking
• hand gliding
• windsurfing
• para sailing
• zip line
• and swimming with the dolphins

Remember, if you fail to plan you have a plan that is going to fail. So if you’re not sure, don’t wing it, and go back and review your references once more. You can rely on your agent but if you can create a knowledgeable dialogue you will receive better answers; and of course, agents don’t expect to know everything and they would appreciate your contribution.

Time to Negotiate

Now, you have completed your search and it is time to speak to your agent to schedule and arrange your accommodations. You can go to any legitimate agency. They are all competent and reliable.

Hotel Accommodations

I suggest you visit I receive a commission should you make your arrangements with them. Should you not, just continue to use the contents expressed in this website.
My intentions are to assist you in planning and scheduling and you remembering an awesome vacation while in the Hawaiian Islands. It is my desire to make a well scheduled Hawaiian vacation the trip of your lifetime.
You could also visit
to schedule and arrange your accommodations.

Flight Accommodations

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines

As you make your arrangements you can choose any airline you wish. They are all competent. However, there is one that I like and it is Hawaiian Airlines. Please visit

They have a direct flight from the mainland or overseas to Oahu, Maui, the Big Island and Kauai. To get a discount rate become a member and fly off-season, during non peak hours or time of day, on a weekday, or remember to ask for the trifecta.

Ironical Hawaiian Airline History

Hawaiian Airlines’ main competitor for the past half-century was Aloha Airlines. After managed and owned by one of the best business minded person in the Hawaiian Islands, Aloha Airlines closed for business in 2008.

Over 50 years ago the stock price of Aloha and Hawaiian Airlines were selling and fluctuating between $.10 and $.25 per share. My uncle told me very sheepishly because no one thought of buying Hawaiian Airlines shares at that time, that he bought 100 shares of Hawaiian Airline stock for less than $.25 per share.

Out of curiosity I recently looked up the price of Hawaiian Airline stock and the asking price was $16.34 which was a gain of about 70 times his initial investment. I think his sheepish look became the grin of a Cheshire cat.

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