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 Once you have decided on a Hawaiian vacation, the formation of your traveling members is the next step. The members could be young children, teenagers, young adults, middle-aged people, and seniors so you can plan your activities properly. You can budget and start scheduling and arranging your things to do. This site will help you create a Hawaii vacation package deal and arrange things to do for your Hawaii family vacation, Hawaii beach vacation or Hawaii cruise vacation.

If this is your first visit I suggest you first visit the island of Oahu, then Maui, the Big Island and Kauai; and preferably in this order.

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Plan Your Activities

If you have 14 days for your itinerary you could squeeze in at least three islands. The activities you can enjoy and do in Hawaii are basically similar to whichever Island you go to. The difference is the environment, scenery, terrain, awesome view and location.

Plan and arrange your activities according to the composition of your crew, your budget, your fears and how adventurous you want to be as well as the environment, scenery, terrain, awesome view, and location. I suggest that you plan for activities you ordinarily not engage in back home.

Tips on Hawaii Climate

Hawaii’s weather is mild and when it rains it is a warm rain. You will start drying as soon as the sun pops. The locals call it liquid sunshine.

Tips on Swimming Safety


Warning Sign

Don’t swim at remote and unguarded beaches for your own safety. There are many other ocean hazards besides jellyfish and Portuguese man of war, including strong currents, rip tides, sharks and sharp coral.

Tips on Sharks:
Ten Safety Tips to Reduce the Risk of Shark Injury taken from https://dlnr.hawaii.gov/sharks/shark-safety/safety-tips/

1. Swim, surf, or dive with other people, and don’t move too far away from assistance.
2. Stay out of the water at dawn, dusk, and night, when some species of sharks may move inshore to feed. But be aware that tiger sharks are known to bite people at all times of the day.
3. Do not enter the water if you have open wounds or are bleeding in any way. Sharks can detect blood and body fluids in extremely small concentrations.
4. Avoid murky waters, harbor entrances, and areas near stream mouths especially after heavy rains, channels, or steep drop-offs. These types of waters are known to be frequented by sharks.
5. Do not wear high-contrast clothing or shiny jewelry. Sharks see contrast very well.
6. Refrain from excessive splashing; keep pets, which swim erratically, out of the water. Sharks are known to be attracted to such activity.
7. Do not enter the water if sharks are known to be present, and leave the water quickly and calmly if one is sighted. Do not provoke or harass a shark, even a small one.
8. If fish or turtles start to behave erratically, leave the water. Be alert to the presence of dolphins, as they are prey for some large sharks.
9. Remove speared fish from the water or tow them a safe distance behind you. Do not swim near people fishing or spear fishing. Stay away from dead animals in the water.
10. Swim or surf at beaches patrolled by lifeguards, and follow their advice.

Tips on Portuguese Man of War and Jellyfish

When I was a young man growing up in Oahu only the windward side of the island was affected with the invasion of jellyfish. On February 13, 2015, the Honolulu Ocean Safety Agency reported that the leeward beach portion of Hanauma Bay was closed due to jellyfish warning and a advisor was also posted for windward beaches. Malihinis, be on the alert for these varmints.

Similar to a jellyfish, the Portuguese man-of-war also causes a painful sting. It has a purplish body and is commonly found on windward (east) shores as the prevalent northeastern trade winds blow these creatures close to shore.
If you see a jellyfish on the beach, don’t touch it as its tentacles can cause a painful sting even if the animal is dead. Keep children away from beached jellyfish.

In case you get stung by a jellyfish or Portuguese man-of-war:
1. Carefully remove the tentacles on the skin. Use a towel, napkin, or other item other than your fingers and rinse the affected area with water or vinegar.
2. Apply ice for pain.
3. Get medical help in case you suffer from a severe reaction. Immediate medical care may be necessary as jellyfish stings may cause an anaphylactic shock or even death. Get the help of a lifeguard or call 911

Tips on Sun Rays

Protect yourself from the sun rays and be generous with your sunscreen. When we were youngsters we did not know better and we never knew there was sunscreen. However, technological advances has found new issues about sun rays. We know much more about the negative results of too much sun rays. Again, a word to the wise should be sufficient.

Hawaii Rental Car Tips

Public transportation is limited on all of the islands except Oahu so if you plan to travel the entire island, make a reservation for a car rental early, in particular during the peak season so you will not be caught on the Island without transportation. For local transportation, you can rent a bicycle or a moped to get around or you can ride a limousine or catch a cab.

Tips on Ocean Cruise

A sunset cruise or a whale watching tour is advisable for people who live inland at home. Just remember to bring your motion relief pills and take one before you go aboard if you are sensitive to become upset from motion.

Tips on Volcano Rocks and Flowers

Do not take the rocks home with you or pick the Lehua blossom. If you do it it has to go back to its original location. It is claimed to bring bad fortunes. If you find out about this tip after you committed the offense and have gone home just pray for good luck. Remember to read and obey the posted signs.

Take a Volcano Tour

If you’re looking for a volcano tour go to Maui or the Big Island. Maui has Haleakala. The

Lava Field

Lava Field with Flame

Big Island has Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea, and Kilauea. Kilauea is currently active and erupting and lava is flowing about 500 feet a day to the ocean.

If you should go to the summits be prepared and bring clothing to keep you warm. The elevation at the summit is about 13,000 feet. You could have a sunset dinner at one of the summits.

Be aware that where there are volcanoes there may be vog. Vog is a residue in the air as a result of the volcano eruptions. It is similar to the smog you would find in large cities.

Things to do on the Big Island

Every island has its natural parks, beach and beach parks and do not be concerned that you think you will miss one because if you take an island tour it will be on your agenda. It is on the Big Island where you will witness black sand and white sand beaches.

A malihini¹ would wonder how in the world there is such a thing as a black sand beach. Black sand beaches were formed as a result of the decay of lava over the years.

Big Island Waterfalls

The Big Island has its share of waterfalls. Akaka Falls which is over 400 feet in height is located on the Big Island. Beautiful rainbow Falls is also on the Big Island.

Big Island Coffee and Vanilla Farms

It is on the Big Island where you can visit the Kona Coffee and vanilla farms. If you like Starbucks you will like Kona coffee. Be sure you take some home.

When I was a young man growing up I watched my parents drink Hills Brothers coffee mixed with Kona coffee. They made the mixture because I overheard them say Kona coffee taste is too strong. So if you like strong coffee bring home some Kona coffee and don’t forget your friends. We call it bringing home an omiyage¹ for your friends.

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