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The best island to visit in Hawaii for your first time would be Oahu. This site is intended to be brief but an actionable and informative summary to welcome a visitor to Hawaii and assist that person in planning and looking for an inexpensive Hawaii vacation package. The focus of the visit is to visit the main islands which are Oahu, Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai. This website was prepared by a kamaaina¹ born and raised on the island of Oahu for 32 years, who left the islands over 40 years ago and is planning to

To make it interesting for you; hereafter, hover your mouse over a Hawaiian word with a superscript¹ and a question mark with the English translation will appear.

My Good Faith

To prepare for my momentous trip I started by searching the Internet. I reviewed websites and made a wide search for tips, discounts, and bargains. During this process, I thought about a busy malihini¹ who had to focus his or her efforts to plan and arrange a trip to the Islands rather rapidly; so an idea came to my mind. I thought about making the process convenient for a malihini so my one-stop website was born.

I, as a kamaaina¹, have an authentic knowledge and familiarity with the Hawaiian Islands. With the assistance of my sisters and friends living in the Islands, this genuine one-step website is possible. Included are authentic tips and secrets posted to this website of the Hawaiian islands, the natives their festivities, culture, songs, foods, language, vocabulary, jokes, creatures, folklore,  products and flowers.

In the tips and secrets page, you will learn who originated the two fingers “shaka sign” salutation, proof of authentication and which hand to use.

You will receive a thoughtful and perhaps, an entertaining education of Hawaii before you get there.

I invite you to download my free ebook “25 Must-See Attractions in Hawaii. Local Inside Knowledge to The Best Attractions” by completing the boxes to the upper right corner of this page.

Crash Course

Before you begin here is a crash course on the Hawaiian to English translation of 11 common Hawaiian words to help you understand and appreciate a little about the language of Hawaii before you get there. Eleven Hawaiian words you should include into your vocabulary because you will hear and experience them during your journey in Hawaii. If you started from the beginning of this page you already would know the first three words so here is a list of the remaining words.

The List of Common Words

1.aloha-welcome i.e.a word that has many salutatory meanings; it is used as a quick way to befriend.
2.malihini– a newcomer or tourist i.e. this is you when you arrive
3.kamaaina– a native i.e. this is you after 14 days
4.keiki- child i.e. if you are explaining to a local that you are looking for your child who has wandered off somewhere
5.mahalo- thank you i.e. a response to your guide or maître de wiki- fast-i.e. a response from your guide because you have fallen behind while on a tour
7.wahine- female i.e. to guide you the correct bathroom
8.kane-male i.e. to guide you Mr. to the correct bathroom
9.haole- Caucasian i.e. a white person
10.nani- beautiful i.e. this is for the “stud” in your group
11.kapu- private not take or trespass. Respect this word or you may be arrested.

The Popular Islands

There are eight main islands which make up the chain and the four major islands for the with their English pronunciations next to it are:

  1. Oahu(o-ah-who),
  2. Maui(ma-we),
  3. Hawaii(ha-va-e) and
  4. Kauai(cow-eye)

Oahu is known as the “Heart;” perhaps, demographically it is appropriate but believes me each island is a “Heart.” Just observe the kamaainas ¹ because they will demonstrate their emotions to you.

While on Maui you will hear the expression “Maui Noka Oi.”
Hereafter, the Island of Hawaii will be referred to as the “Big Island” as defined by the kamaainas

Welcome Visitor to the Hawaiian Islands 101

Before we go further I suggest you visit the website
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The e-books are current and easy to understand and they are attractive with colors and each gives you a birds eye synopsis of each island. At the end of each ebook, there is a chronology of Hawaiian history from the year 500 BC to 1993 consisting of about three pages. The eBooks discuss the origination of the Hawaiian language, a Hawaiian pronunciation guide, and a list of the vocabulary of the common Hawaiian names and words with their translation from Hawaiian to English.

Topics in the eBook

  • tours to take
  • lodging accommodations of upper scale and budget hotels
  • vacation rentals, resorts, and hotels
  • nightlife arts and culture
  • top attractions you should see
  • activities where you could decide whether you want to participate
  • assist you in selecting upper or budget deals, whichever you desire
  • vocabulary on words with translations from Hawaiian to English
  • deals and discounts and much, much more
  • eating establishments of upper scale and budget restaurants

Start Planning Your Trip

Each e-book consists of about 60 pages more or less and you will find it rewarding and satisfying after you conduct a review. You will become knowledgeable in your planning, negotiations and scheduling your Hawaiian Vacation.

It is incumbent upon you to review the book and decide what you want. My advice to each one of you is if you live along the coasts select the kind of activities and attractions that the coast does not offer and likewise if you live inland do the kind of activities that the coasts offer.

Just do something different. i.e. because you probably would not be able to swim with dolphins in Kansas.

Have a happy vacation and now you can begin to start your planning.

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